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Friday, 13 April 2012

I'm still here n over loaded with pictures

Morning all well as you can see i am still here plodding on with even less time now than before !!!! the gardening season is upon us and have been busy planting seeds ready for Dave to plant up in the allotment its like having babies in the house har har i have also been doing allot of swimming and aqua classes along with a diet in a bid to loose some well allot of weight !!!!! and now have a referral to the gym also not forgetting the take n make class for the elderly on a Monday afternoon i just don't know how i am going to fit everything in but am going to give it my best shot har har
Anyway enough about that i hope you all had a fantastic Easter break we went with the caravan to Darley Dale not far away about 30 mins in the car the weather was very kind to us and we only had rain in the night but it was cold the water supply actually froze one night but we was very snug in our caravan this is a picture of what we woke to on our first morning so beautiful who would believe we were only half an hour away

we did plenty of walking while there and i actually managed to walk to Matlock and back although the steam train was very enticing har har we did Bakewell and sat and had hot chocolate coffee and cakes very naughty well i thought i deserved it while there we went to the Little craft and gift fair guess who bought more cake !!!! oops but they were divine but they are a bit squished on the photo and Dave actually got a new tea cosy for his little teapot making him one is on my to do list har har maybe get round to a very posh one for Christmas !!!!!

Then came Monday and time to go home we woke to terrible rain !!!!! Dave got wet through sorting the outside things while i stayed in the warm and dry all say arrrrrrrr it was forecast to brighten for lunch so we planned to get back for then well on arrival the heavens opened it was stair rods and we both got wet through putting the caravan back to bed at the farm then home get out our wet things and get in a hot shower Easter adventure over till next time out well i hope i haven't bored you with our adventure too much har har
Finally today i would like to show you the card and box i made for my Friends birthday way back in November oops where does the time go !!!! its an accordion card or book using mainly SU stamps and papers my friend adored it hope you enjoy looking at it too

And that's all from me today i can all hear you gasp relief har har have a good day wherever you are n happy crafting take care Luv Sue x


  1. You are like a whirlwind Sue - all the things you get up to! It sounds like you had a good break - the photos are beautiful as always - but I hope you took a few extra blankets! those cakes look delicious but I'm trying to be very good about sweet things so I'm looking away! Your friend must have been delighted with the accordion book - it's beautiful. Take care and don't forget to put your feet up occasionally Lol, Vicky x

  2. Hi Sue, long time no see. Beautiful photographs and a lovely card and box :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. firstly cakes look delicious as does the coffee/hot chocolate - secondly views of Darley look wonderful & thirdly love the card best wishes Lesley x

  4. I popped over to see if you had been dismissed from allotment duties and realised I had not seen your holiday pictures!
    Matlock, Bakewell, freezing cold and rain..all the words that bring back memories of family holidays to Derbyshire..Lol.
    Sounds like a good break though, fab photos.
    Pretty accordian card, love the colours and papers you used :0)
    Jenny x

  5. I really loooved this accordian card, so pleased you have put it on your blog as my phone didn't save the photos I took when saw you at the garden centre:(
    Loving the blog, hopefully will meet again soon, life is just sooo busy as you say. X x


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