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Sunday, 15 August 2010

sorry re no posts

hi folks sorry no posts or cards but its been a trying time here sadly we have had to have our springer put to sleep after a very good life and nearly 18 he just took poorly and there was no point in prolonging his suffering not a very good picture of him but typical as he had pinched the little ones bed and was tipping out !!!!! on top of that i have had the shingles and now have my tan and white Jack poorly with skin problems poor thing is on antibiotics and steroids also special shampoo with baths every three days he is not a happy boy !!! it never rains but it pours anyway hopefully things will improve now and i can get back to my card making i already have a few made up which were for demo day at stamp to your arts content on Friday while Michelle was away on her holls for two weeks and will post them as soon as i have taken photos of them and thats all for now thanks for taking the time to read my blog and your comments would be very welcome regards Sue x
PS Added a second photo of Paddy a much better one xxxx

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  1. ah sue you have had a bad time recently and you know im the same as you with my dogs too , i know its so hard when they become ill even when they are older , its still not nice when their life comes to an end , but we all have to think that we have given them a good life , and that must keep us sane
    hope you are feeling a bit better now
    carol x


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