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Monday, 27 September 2010

Time flies

Hi folks my how the time flies am not sure where its gone and i have not done anything on the blog so appoligies again but since we lost Paddy i have been back and forth to the vets with Sarge and been away twice once for 6 days to Leominster and then to Salcombe South devon for 18 nights both on Camping and Caravan rallys we met some lovely people while away who we now class as friends and like to keep in contact anyway we are done with holls now till October and Sarge seems sorted now and on permanant medication so now need to get cracking again first i will put the pictures of the men cards i did for while Michelle was away also a gift box all in black & white theme hope you like them they are using stamp to your Arts content sheet Elite mens 07 and at only £7 pounds for an A4 sheet excellent value this is the link if you would like to buy it Also if you can get to the shop its even cheaper at the momment at only £5 yes £5
anyway please leave your comments good or bad and will post again tomorrow and try and catch up and show you the rest of the cards already made thanks for looking luv Sue

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