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Monday, 3 October 2011

Hello i am back !!! long post get a coffee to keep you awake !!!!!

Good morning fellow crafters and friends i am back after quite an absence its not been a very good time here to say the least firstly i was very ill with a kidney infection after having started decorating the back bedroom ready for a delivery of a new desk yipi another craft room !!!! then we have had two burglaries one that was outside in the night they climbed over and emptied Dave's shed of his power tools and as if that wasn't enough i forced myself to get the decorating finished in time for the desk Dave went out to walk the dogs leaving me upstairs and somebody just walked in and took my handbag complete with my life inside it !!! my laptop,camera and a bracelet which left me with my blackberry phone and an antiquated tower PC that didn't want to play ball !!! what a nightmare it has taken weeks to get everything sorted with the insurance and trying to replace what was in my handbag every night i have been waking up and remembering something else that was in my bag !!!! then we have had Dave's Mum in intensive care after a very serious operation and only given a 20% chance of survival thankfully she has but still in hospital and at 85 talking of wanting to get back home bless her what strength she has shown
i have also helped out a friend with her Su stand and made many items for the display it was great fun even had a play with some of the new fabric and made two monsters will post some pictures when i get my files all transferred over as not got that far yet har har as have only just got the new PC installed and backed up today Monday and i have also been preparing for next Saturday making my favours for the table as i am having a SU party for the launch of the new catalogue !!! what fantastic goodies the whole catalogue is now my wish list har har and that's about all the news from here sorry if i have sent you to sleep but you was warned har har i will also now try and catch up with everybody in blog land see what you have all been up too thanks for having a read take care and happy crafting Luv Sue x

this is a picture of what i was demonstrating on the SU stand the sail boat card is Tracey's design and the motor bike mine the rest of the pictures are off a few things i made for Tracey stand hope you like them


  1. What a lovely lady you are Sue! You've been going through such a horrible time and you've still come through the other side smiling. I'l be wishing you lots of happy times now to balance out those tough times! Tracey's stand looks amazing - hope you had fun making those gorgeous things. Enjoy the catalogue launch party! Vx

  2. OMG Sue, what a time you have had of it. I hope all is settling down now and MiL will soon be out of hospital.
    What a lot of gorgeous items you have made :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. Oh my goodness what a catalogue of horrors you've endured and still you bounce back, such strength of character :)
    Great collection of makes...especially love the bird box/milk carton :)
    Jenny x

  4. You are such a special lady Sue all the comments on my blog WOW I was so pleased to get them. Tracey is lucky to have you help her out but I'm sure you had a great time making all those lovely samples. Hope life is now on the up for you x
    oh yes I will get to do the tutorial you asked for soon and will let you have it x

  5. Oh Sue ! What a terrible trial it must have been. I can't even begin to imagine how I'd be able to cope with all that happening.
    Take good care of yourself. And wishing Dave's Mum a fast recovery.

  6. Sue, the stand wouldnt have looked half as nice if it hadnt been for all your help and support, especially with everything that's been going on. You are one in a million and I feel previlaged to call you my friend. Enjoy the next few days Tracey xx


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