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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sorry been a while again !!!! life is hectic

Hi all sorry its taken a while to get to post again !!! we have dashed off on a last minute break with the caravan got in at Skegness Sands allot of you will know it as the old Miners holiday camp where the miners children went for there holidays and the miners to convalesce if they had been ill the main building is still there but the rest is gone and replaced with a caravan park for tourers and statics its been brilliant the weather very kind and so close to the beach the furbabies have loved it 3 times a day playing on the beach but i think they are glad to get home for a rest har har
Anyway enough about that as you know i did a catalogue launch party for Tracey it was good in fact very good we made 2 lovely cards and the ladies had a play with the tags till Christmas set making tags as an extra and as usual i made favours for the table and this time 2 extra prizes for the raffle and a matching gift for Tracey it was all very last minute and i now realise that i hadn't sent out all the party invites so if you didn't get one i apologise and let me know so i can say sorry face to face
Anyway here are the photos so you can see what we was up to

sorry i don't seem to be able to find the photo of the last box i made the gremlins have been and took it away har har may bee it will return !!! and finally the next pictures are of the cards we made and a selection of tags

And that's all for now Dave will be back soon for his tea he has gone rushing off to see his Mum she is back home out the hospital for the second time!!! hopefully this time she will be OK
I will post again next week to tell you about the stamp a stack and crafty night i went to at Tracey's oh and nearly forgot its Doncaster show tomorrow yipi 5 of us are going a good girly day out all take care enjoy whats left of the weekend happy crafting and thanks for reading Luv Sue x

PS sorry just had to show you Skegness this morning as the sun was rising and a couple of other pictures from this week hope you enjoy Luv Sue x

Back again with the missing photo the gremlins bought it back har har


  1. Love all these crafty projects Sue and I always love your photos as well. Thank you for sharing these - the sunrise is beautiful. Vx

  2. Glad you had a good time Sue. Your photos are smashing. I love to see the wind turbines in the background at Ingoldmells, sad arent I.

    Have a wonderful wonderful day today. Tracey xx

  3. Lovely bags, boxes, cards and photographs Sue :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. You have some fab crafty makes here Sue, you've been a busy bee. Great you made the most of the Indian Summer...seems a way off now :)
    Those wind turbines are visable from the Norfolk coastline too!
    Jenny x

  5. Oh that beach looks so inviting and love your pic of the sun coming up. Lovely projects too glad you are back blogging x

  6. Oooh, great pictures and lots of inspiration.

    Glad everything is calming down again. I just read the post before this one and couldn't believe your bad run of luck.

    Hugs, Sandra


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